Welcome to your PSLA Dashboard

Step 1: Getting Started

To begin your Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment, please click here. When you have completed your assessment you will be directed back to your dashboard where you will have access to your PSLA results. After reviewing your results, you will be able to invite your direct reports to also provide feedback.

Step 2: View your PSLA Results

Please view your PSLA results below. We have compiled your answers and provided you with a clear, concise report to help navigate you towards a successful action plan to improve and become a better leader.

Step 3: How do your employees perceive your leadership skills?

Now that you have reviewed your Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment (PSLA) results, you may want to compare your self-assessment with the perspective of your employees. The Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment: Employee Feedback (PSLA-E) is intended to be completed by all employees, students, contractors or volunteers that report directly to you.

The PSLA-E is an optional — but highly recommended – part of assessing your skills.

If you choose to gather this valuable information from your employees, you may modify and send out the email message below, which includes a link to the survey. We strongly recommend that you email the request to all of your direct reports to obtain the most reliable and valid results.

Only you will have access to your PSLA and PSLA-E results – employee raters will not. Note: The PSLA-E is not recommended if you have fewer than 3 direct reports, as it is less likely that confidentiality and anonymity can be protected for the respondents.

Feel free to modify the text below as needed and copy and paste it into your email request to direct reports to complete the survey.

As part of my ongoing professional development, I have committed to strengthening my skills as they relate to psychologically safe leadership. I would appreciate receiving honest and anonymous feedback from each of those who directly report to me. I will then be able to compare my intentions to lead in a psychologically safe way with your perception of my success in achieving this goal. Your response will help me target my efforts on what really matters to you.

Specifically, I would appreciate 15 - 20 minutes of your time to complete the PSLA-E at the link below. Your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential by the University of Fredericton, and I will only be provided with aggregate summary scores from all respondents.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have."

Your ID number is:
Click here to begin the PSLA-E.

Step 4: View your PSLA-E Results

Please view your PSLA-E results below. We have compiled your direct reports answers and provided you with a clear, concise report to help navigate you towards a successful action plan to improve and become a better leader.

Step 5: Create an Action Plan

The data collected in the assessments can be used in the creation and implementation of a personal action plan. There are many valuable online resources available to help you create an effective and comprehensive plan for self-improvement and continued professional growth.
Click here to create an action plan.

Step 6: Ready to Improve

Congratulations on taking the steps to improve and become a Psychologically Safe Leader. In order for us to properly collect your information, please Create New Account. When finished, you will be directed to register another account which will provide you access to the dashboard where you may begin your next attempt.

Please click here to access free downloadable versions of the PSLA/PSLA-E Action Resources